PixBuilder Studio : Free Image Editor with Advanced Features

If you ask a professional which image editing software you should get, they would invariably start talking about Adobe products or GIMP. These photo processing tools are really at the top of the list but do you really need them for small time photo touching or editing? For example, if you need an image editor to resize the images, add watermarking or other basic editing, then you do not need Adobe Photoshop.There are so many editors that are fast, consume less resources and still manage to provide all the image editing features. For example, PixBuilder Studio is a free image editor that can be used to digital photo editing, image processing, resizing, watermarking and more.

PixBuilder Studio is available in form of a portable software as well as a setup installer. In either case, the downloaded file size for this program is very small – a mere 3 MB ! It is very surprising that such a small program offers so many features that are usually available only in commercial software suites. Furthermore, it supports the Adobe Photoshop 8BF plugins that can be downloaded from the internet.

PixBuilder Studio

The user interface of PixBuilder Studio looks strikingly similar to that of GIMP. On the left side, you have all the basic image editing tools like marquee, lasso, drawing tools and so on. On the right side, you have various panels for layers, tools, undo, color channels and so on. If you want to install and use the 8BF plugins, then you can access this setting from under the Effects menu and configure the downloaded 8BF plugins/filters.

If you are worried that PixBuilder Studio will cause your PC to become unresponsive by consuming a lot of the RAM memory, then it also has a special option to limit the maximum amount of memory consumption. You can access this option from Options → Memory Manager Settings in the menubar. You can also set the disks/paths that will be used for saving the images during the editing process.

PixBuilder Studio

Conclusion: PixBuilder Studio is a fast and feature loaded image editor that supports layers, color curves adjustments and Adobe Photoshop 8BF filters. Using these 8BF filters you can further enhance the features available .

You can download PixBuilder Studio from http://www.wnsoft.com/en/pixbuilder/.