How to Prevent Ransomware Attacks with Ranstop

Ransomware is a type of malware that takes your computers hostage either by locking the screen or by encrypting your files and then attempts to extort the ransom money in exchange to revert all the changes. Ransomware infects a user’s computer through social engineering, spam, other malware, drive by downloads and so on. Once it locks your PC screen or encrypts your files, it starts to show information about how you can pay the ransom.

Increasing threat of ransomware

While ransomware can infect everyone, the cyber-criminals are increasingly targeting hospitals, healthcare organizations, and other places where the access to computers must be restored at any cost. Recently, there was a ransomware attack on the computers of Urology Austin (a healthcare provider in the Texas, US) and the data was encrypted by the ransomware. Data belonging to more than 200,000 patients was affected by this attack and now they have to worry if any personal data of these patients was stolen or not.

Ranstop blocks known and unknown ransomware

All such ransomware attacks can be easily prevented by using the anti-ransomware software Temasoft Ranstop. It is able to protect Windows computers from both the know ransomware as well as from any future yet-unknown ransomware variants. It continually monitors your system as files are created and accessed, and if it detects any suspicious ransomware like activity then it blocks the malicious processes. This way it can block even the latest ransomware threats.

Temasoft Ranstop

Ranstop reverts all changes made by ransomware

Ransomware attacks begin when the malicious programs start to modify the system files. This is followed by either the encryption of files for the cryptolocker type of ransomware or the locking up of your screen for the screen-locker type of ransomware. But Ranstop blocks the malicious programs and restores the files back to their original state from the backup.

Files can be recovered both manually and automatically through Ranstop

Ranstop creates a version based backup of all the personal files as they are changed. When a ransomware begins to encrypt your files, it is blocked and your files are restored automatically from the backup. But you can also manually restore any files from the backup whenever you want.

Conclusion: Ranstop Anti-Ransomware can effectively protect your computers from the ever increasing threat of ransomware. It can block even the zero-day ransomware through the file behavior monitoring technology.

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