Ultimate Boot CD Packs Much Needed Diagnostic Tools

When you are diagnosing problems that are preventing you to use your PC in the usual manner, you often need a set of tools to detect and fix these problems. For example, you might need a bootable antivirus scanner disk, a disk partitioning tool, a data recovery tool, a memory diagnostic tool, a bench-marking utility and many more. Depending on the problems you are encountering, you might want to use one or more of these tools. Since each one of these tools come on a different disk, you usually have a box full of diagnostic disks. But instead of juggling with dozens of CDs and DVDs, you can use the Ultimate Boot CD.

Ultimate Boot CD is an ISO image of a bootable CD that can be burned on to a blank CD using a tool like ImgBurn. It contains all the popular tools that can be used for boot entries management, hard drive partitioning, hard drive diagnosis, data recovery, CPU bench-marking, cloning partitions & disks, securely erasing the data, getting detailed system information, malware removal, BIOS management, memory diagnosis and more.

Ultimate Boot CD

After burning the ISO image to a CD, you can use the bootable CD to boot into your PC. From the interface of the Ultimate Boot CD, you can easily access all of these tools. They are categorized into various categories like BIOS, CPU, HDD, Memory, Peripherals and so on. Under each of these categories you can find all the tools that can be said to belong to those categories.

The CD also contains a script that can be used to prepare your USB memory stick (pen drive) so that it can be used on newer machines that supports booting from USB devices. The bootable pen drive also contains exactly the same tools as the CD.

You can download Ultimate Boot CD ISO image from http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/.