Monitor and Overclock Windows PC with CAM

PC gamers are not usually satisfied with the factory settings of their computer’s hardware. They want to maximize the output of their hardware by tinkering with the settings that any other ordinary user would stay away from. For example, many gamers often run the CPU or GPU at a clock frequency higher than what is mentioned in the specifications by changing some of the internal settings in a process called overclocking. If you are a hardcore PC gamer looking forward to overclock your PC’s hardware, then you may want to have a look at CAM software.

Developed by NZXT, the CAM software is essentially a PC monitoring and overclocking software geared towards gamers and other people who love to tinker with their hardware. It allows you to keep a close eye on various components in your PC and monitor their temperatures, speeds, load status, display FPS, clock frequencies and so on. The tuning portion of the CAM software requires that you have NZXT cooling hardware installed in your PC, but for other section no such requirement is necessary.

In the Basic section of the CAM software shows many of the fundamental hardware and system performance information, such as the temperatures of CPU and GPU, the load on the CPU ad GPU, the fan speeds in RPM for the CPU fan as well as the GPU fan, how much RAM is being used and how much of the partitions are free.


In the Advanced section of the software, it shows much more detailed information along with many graphs. It shows the performance of each of the components (CPU, GPU, RAM, motherboard etc) in a graphical format. The graphs can be shown for the last minute, hour, day or the week. It also shows the minimum and maximum temperature reached during the selected time duration.

If you want to see how the overclocked GPU is performing when you play games, then you can enable the FPS overlay option from under the Games section. This option can display an overlay text containing the temperature and performance data on the game screen games including the FPS rate.

Conclusion: CAM is a great monitoring and overclocking software for PC gamers. It can be used for system diagnosis in case of hardware related troubles and to overclock the hardware if you want to get maximum output from your PC.

You can download CAM software from