PC Building Simulator : Game that Teaches How to Assemble PC

Apart from the notebook computers, I have always built my own desktop computers. Building your own PC by assembling various components together is not only fun, it ends up saving your money and gives you the precise hardware configuration that you wanted. Back in the day, you either had to learn assembling a PC through a process of hit and trial or from a course conducted by some universities. But now you can experiment with PC assembling through a game called PC Building Simulator.

As you might have guessed, this game is all about assembling a working PC together using a variety of hardware configuration. You are given a budget in the beginning and you have to buy various components so that you can assemble the PC. You are given a PC cabinet or housing and you have to pick various components like the motherboard, power supply unit, RAM modules, graphics card, hard disk, DVD writer etc., and assemble them into this cabinet.

PC Building Simulator

This is not children’s point and click game. You cannot just drag and drop components to assemble them. You have take all the steps as you would in real life to properly assemble them. For example, you must use a screw driver to put in the screws, use cables to attach components with the motherboard or power supply, place the RAM modules in respective sockets by opening and closing the latches and so on.

While this game gives all the functionality and has a rich library of components, the logic may not work all the time. For example, some hardware configurations are allowed that won’t be possible in real life. Furthermore the graphics are very basic and have a plastic look to them. In any case, you can learn a great deal about assembling the PC (or taking them apart) from this small PC game.

You can download PC Building Simulator game from https://pcbuildingsimulator.wordpress.com/.

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  1. Fantastic news! I’m going to use this application in my class. I teach computer hardware in Belgium in a secondary school.

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