Phoenix OS : Install Android on Your PC

When it comes to Android, people often think of it as an operating system for mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. But the recent versions of Android have the same features as any other modern operating system. This is why the developers the Phoenix OS have designed this operating system based on Android to work on all the computers that support Intel x86 instructions. Phoenix OS is actually based on the open-source Android-x86 project that we have posted about previously in another article : how to install Android in Virtual Box. But Android-x86 is based on the stock version of Android. The Phoenix OS enhances Android-x86 and makes it much more like an operating system for PC.

Easy installation on any PC

Phoenix OS downloads are offered in two versions – one based on Android 5.1 Lollipop and another based on Android 7.1 Nougat. The latter version is the latest version of Android available from AOSP (Android Open Source Project). Both of these versions are offered in the ISO format as well as the EXE format. The benefit of the ISO file is that you can burn it on to a blank CD/DVD and then boot from it to install on any PC. Since the requirement for Phoenix OS is not that high (only 2 GB RAM), it can be installed on any PC manufactured or assembled in the last 8 years.

Phoenix OS

Familiar desktop PC experience

After the installation, you will see the expected Android start up screen and will have to login using existing Google account. When it finishes loading everything, you will see a desktop operating system complete with features that you use in Windows like the start menu, notification center and a taskbar. You can install apps as usual and access them shortcuts in start menu or desktop.

Switch between Phoenix OS and Stock Android

Phoenix OS offers a special feature called OS Switch which allows the user to switch back and forth between the Phoenix OS interface or the stock Android interface. You can access this feature from the start menu in Phoenix OS or from the home screen in Android. This can provide a great user experience and compatibility with different apps.

Phoenix OS

Conclusion: Phoenix OS as an Android-x86 based operating system that can be installed on any PC that supports Intel x86 based instructions. It provides a complete desktop operating system experience built with the power of Android.

You can download Phoenix OS from

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  1. I have installed phoenix os with android version 7.1 and phoenix version 3.6 but it doesn’t have anything like os switch , for switching between stock android and desktop view

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