Play Steep Game for Free This Weekend

Steep is one of the latest games published by Ubisoft. It was released in the December 2016. The Steep game revolves around the fun activities at high altitude, for example, skiing, snowboarding, paragliding etc. Good news is that Ubisoft has made this game completely free for the upcoming weekend. From March 10th to 13th, you can join the Ubisoft’s Steep for free on all the supported platforms like Microsoft Xbox One, Sony Play Station 4 and PC.

The PC version of Steep must be downloaded from the UPlay – the electronic games distribution client from Ubisoft. The system requirement for this game are very high – for example, the minimum RAM required is 6GB and as you can expect it won’t run at its best with only that much of RAM. The GPU and CPU requirements are even higher. So you should download and try this game only if you have a really powerful gaming rig.

Ubisoft Steep

This weekend it will be completely free and will offer access to the entire game, giving you the chance to try out all the custom gear and grow your athlete’s reputation as you discover challenges, earn invites to branded events, and gradually unlock access to dizzying new heights and dangerous runs. All of the game activities take place on the beautiful mountains of Alaska and Alps.

If you decide to buy the game during the weekend then Ubisoft will give you a big discount on this title. The scores and settings from your weekend game play will be automatically carried over to your account in the full version of the game after you purchase the game title through UPlay.

You can play Steep for free this weekend by visiting this link :

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