DVD Flick : Easily Create DVDs from Video Files

Optical disks like CDs and DVDs are not so popular these days as they once were and have been almost replaced by the memory cards and USB pendrives. But compared to the flash memory based devices (like the USB pendrives), the data stored on DVDs stays much safer and protected again physical damage. While the pendrives might fail in 4-5 years, a good quality DVD disk can store the data for the next 50 years. I still have DVDs that my elder sister burned in early 2000s and they all work. This is why it makes sense to store your important the data on a good quality DVD.

If you want to keep your precious videos stored for the progeny then you can use the free software DVD Flick that is able to create DVDs from your videos. It uses FFmpeg and supports all the popular video formats. It supports creating DVD menus and chapters to work with all kind of DVD players.

DVD Flick

After launching the DVD Flick software, you have to start a new project and then you can click on the Add Title button to add video files from which you want to create the final DVD. You can add basically all kinds of video files as DVD Flick uses FFmpeg to transcode them.

DVD Flick

How many video files you can add depends on the type of optical disk you have in mind. You can change the type of disk being used from the Project Options. It uses the standard 4.3 GB DVD by default. But if you have dual layer DVD drive and a dual layer DVD blank disk, then you can extend the storage size to 7.9 GB. If you do not want to burn the prepared DVD to a physical DVD disk, then you can change the option to save it to an ISO image instead.

DVD Flick

After adding all the videos files, audio files, and the subtitles, you can proceed to finally creating the DVD by clicking on the Create DVD button. It displays the entire progress as it encodes the videos and audio files, adds subtitles and menu and saves the DVD image. There is an option called Entertain Me in this progress window that launches a small tetris game that might help you pass time as you wait for the DVD creation to be completed.

DVD Flick

Verdict: All in all, DVD Flick is a very productive, time saving and effective solution to author your own DVD. It uses FFmpeg and therefore supports a huge number of video and audio formats.

You can download DVD Flick from http://www.dvdflick.net/.

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