Protect PC from Ransomware with AppCheck Anti-Ransomware

Infecting people’s computer with ransomware using a myriad of methods like social engineering or cold calling has become very profitable for the cyber criminals residing in countries where hiding from the crime investigation agencies is much easier. They are not afraid and keep popping out new versions and new families of ransomware each month. In some of the hidden corners of the dark-net, these newly designed ransomware are being sold to the cyber criminal groups who then spread them all over the world and extort money from their innocent hard-working victims.

You have to keep two things in mind in order to protect your computers from ransomware – backup all of your important files and use a good anti-ransomware protection. Backing up your files ensures that even in case of ransomware attack (that encrypts your files and then demands a ransom to reverse the changes), you have all of your files in the backups. And the good anti-ransomware ensure that all the known ransomware families will be stopped before they can cause any damage to your PC.

App-Check Anti-Ransomware, a freeware for home-users, combines both of these features into one software and not only provides protection from the ransomware but also backups your files to prepare for an emergency caused by unknown ransomware infection.

AppCheck Anti-Ransomware

It employs three layers of security for complete protection from ransomware – ransom guard, ransom shelter and auto-backup. Real-time protection is composed of ransom shelter and ransom guard. Ransom shelter quickly restores a file from the backup in case it is destroyed/encrypted by ransomware. Ransom guard accurately blocks ransomware and automatically recovers damaged files. And of course, auto-backup can creates regular backups of your files to protect them against any damage.

In the main window for App-Check Anti-Ransomware, you can click on the big circle in the center to start scanning your PC so that it can detect any ransomware hiding away somewhere in your PC. You can also toggle on or off ransom guard, ransom shelter or auto-backup from this window. Closing this window puts App-Check Anti-Ransomware in the system tray from where it keeps protecting your PC from possible ransomware attacks.

Verdict: App-Check Anti-Ransomware is a security application that addresses a relatively new type of threat called ransomware. It proactively defends your PC against ransomware and automatically creates backups of your important files to keep you prepared for any emergencies. And it can work along with your standard anti-virus product to protect your PC all sorts of the malware threats.

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