Black Bird Cleaner Removes Junk and Enhances PC Performance

Having installed and re-installed Windows a zillion times on many different computers over past many years, I think I have acquired enough experience to say that while re-installing Windows cures most of the PC problems, it is not always necessary. In many of the situations when your PC is acting up, you can fix it quickly just by cleaning all the junk files and obsolete settings. The free software Black Bird Cleaner can clean your PC, optimize it, and perform many more tasks much needed to bring back your PC in shape.

Black Bird Cleaner comes with many modules that are designed to handle many different tasks separately. The PC Cleaning module handles the cleaning of junk files, temporary files, system cache, fonts cache, logs, cookies and so on. If you are running out of disk space then perhaps you have to check all the options before clicking on the Start Clean button. Otherwise, you can just choose to check the recommended options to clean only some type of files. It should be noted that not all options are available in the free version.

Black Bird Cleaner

The PC Optimization module can boost the PC performance by freeing the memory (RAM) taken up by various processes, disabling some functions, speed up the PC startup, optimize the NTFS file system, increases network speed by changing the DNS settings, recreated PC swap file size, speed up visual effects and so on.

Black Bird Cleaner

There are many other modules and features provided by the Black Bird Cleaner like the image optimization, disk analyzer, services manager, and more. One of the features that can find really big files on your PC is the Search for Installers. If you have downloaded ISO files for installing Windows, Linux or some other software, then these multi-gigabytes files can take up a lot of space on your hard disk. Black Bird Cleaner can find all of these files and if you no longer need them, you can delete them to recover a lot of disk space.

Black Bird Cleaner

Verdict: Black Bird Cleaner can clean your PC, can optimize it to improve its performance and can help you remove large files from your PC to recover valuable disk space.

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