Recover Lost Files with Disk Drill Data Recovery Software

Anyone can lose their files because of a number of reasons – accidental deletion of files, malware infection, file system corruption, physical damage to the disks, theft and a dozen more. But do not lose heart if you have lost your important files, you can still get them back using the Disk Drill software – an innovative data recovery software that works for both Windows and Mac computers.

Disk Drill automatically detects all the storage devices connected to your computer and allows you to scan even the unallocated space in addition to the various partitions for lost files. You can view all of these storage devices, partitions on them and the unallocated space in a list. In order to recover files on any of these partitions, you can click on the Recover button next to them which will instantly start scanning the selected partition for deleted files. This runs all recovery methods to ensure recovery of all the files.

However in order to save your time, you may choose to run a faster scan by clicking on the down-arrow next to the Recover button and selecting Quick Scan from there. Similarly, you can choose a Deep Scan that takes much longer time but scans the selected partitions thoroughly. You should first run a quick scan to see if it can find the files you wanted to recover. And if the quick scan stays unsuccessful, then you can choose to run a deep scan.

Disk Drill

The scan results are dynamically displayed in the Disk Drill window. When the scan is complete, you can search for files by their names or choose to view the files of a certain type like videos, pictures, documents, audio, archives etc. You can also sort them by the file size or the modification date. You can even look at the preview of all the files by clicking on the preview icon next to any file. And if you want to recover the files, just select them all and click on the Recover button. Of course, you have to choose another storage device for saving the recovered files (so that the data on the deleted files does not get overwritten).

Disk Drill

Disk Drill can also be used to backup an entire partition to a DMG file. This is useful of your storage disks are showing signs of failure and you are worried that you may lose all the files in near future. To protect against such possible failures, you can backup all partitions on any storage device. To do this, you can click on the down arrow next to Extras for any partition and choose Backup into recoverable disk image.

Disk Drill

This saves the entire partition into a DMG file that you can load into Disk Drill any time later by clicking on the cog-wheel icon and choosing Attach Image and then selecting the saved DMG file. The loaded DMG file appears like any other partition in Disk Drill and you can recover files from it in the usual manner.

Disk Drill

Verdict: Disk Drill is a reliable data recovery software for both Mac and Windows computers. It can scan and recover data from a wide range of devices having many different file system. It goes one step beyond other recovery software by allowing you to backup any partition to protect your data against any damage caused in the future.

You can download Disk Drill for free and visit their official website.

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