Work Uninterrupted with Focus Timer Reborn App for Android

It was a long time ago but I still remember when I was preparing for my SAT test, I used to keep an alarm clock on my table to test my speed of solving the mathematical problems. Racing against a fixed time, I would keep my eyes on the clock and tried to solve as many problems as I could. This strategy did improve my math skills and helped me get a good SAT score in the end. Now a similar but different approach (Pomodoro technique) is taken by an Android app called Focus Timer to help you focus on your work or study in a limited time duration.

You can launch this app in your smartphone and pick one of three things – 25 minutes focused work, 5 minutes short break or 30 minutes long break. In the first case, it keeps you motivated to work uninterrupted and without getting distracted. Even though 25 minutes is not such a long time, it gives you notifications in the smartphone to put in all you have in the last few remaining minutes.

Similarly, The short and long breaks can be used to have some time off your work. The benefit of taking breaks through this app is that it keeps you informed when the break is over and therefore prevents you from wasting any extra time hanging around the coffee machine or gossiping with coworkers.

Focus Timer Reborn

The app also keeps a log of your performance in terms of how many such blocks of uninterrupted work you can do in a day. You can even set some goals to be achieved on daily basis, for example, you can set it to complete 8 blocks of uninterrupted work everyday. It will notify you if you complete or come close to reaching these goals.

Conclusion: Focus Timer Reborn can improve the time utilization in your everyday life for carrying out various work related activities. It can help your focused on work and avoid wasting time.

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