Temasoft Ranstop Anti-Ransomware for Windows PC [Review]

A few years ago when a new type of malware (that was later called ransomware because it demanded ransom money in exchange of unlocking the PC or decrypting the files it had surreptitiously encrypted) had hit the computers for the very first time, even the security companies were clueless. But things have changed in the past few months. Now you have products like Temasoft Ranstop Anti-Ransomware that can not only fight back the ransomware infection but can also effectively protect your files from being damaged by any such incidents.

Ranstop is an anti-ransomware security solution for Windows computers that can protect from known ransomware as well as from any future ransomware variants. It monitors how various processes in your system are accessing the files and upon suspicious file access, it shields your system even from the newest ransomware. The use of behavior analysis to thwart the zero-day ransomware attacks can cut down the detection of such infections to a few seconds.

Temasoft Ranstop

Among the many features of Ranstop are:

  1. Ranstop can block both the screen-locker and crypto-locker type of ransomware. Screen-lockers usually lock your PC and demand ransom for unlock code, while crypto-lockers encrypt your files and ask for payment in exchange of decrypting them.
  2. It can block attempts to change the MBR (master boot record) of storage disks. Some ransomware use this trick to encrypt files at disk level.
  3. It can automatically block ransomware activity, followed by file recovery and issuance of alerts.
  4. It allows both automatic and manual file recovery. The files corrupted or damaged by ransomware are recovered automatically while you can also manually recover any files from the backups.
  5. It isolates infected machines from the network preventing the ransomware to spread across all the computers on that network.

Temasoft Ranstop

Once installed, it keeps monitoring your PC for any ransomware like activity and shields it from all the known and still yet unknown ransomware. In the main window of Ranstop, you can see the status of protection, view already issued alerts and modify some of the settings.

Even though you do not have to recover any file yourself as Ranstop automatically starts the recovery process once it detects and stops ransomware, still you can switch to the Recovery in the Ranstop window section and view all the file backups available, remove them or recover them.

Temasoft Ranstop

In the settings, you can change the backup configuration, alert email setup, actions to be taken in the event of ransomware detection, and whitelist some of the applications so that their behavior is not monitored.

Verdict: Ranstop is an anti-ransomware solution that provides complete all around protection from all kinds of ransomware. It employs behavior analysis technology to thwart the attempts of even the newest zero-day ransomware. It provides full backup of your files with versioning so that you can always recover your files even in the event of corruption caused by ransomware.

You can download Temasoft Ranstop Anti-Ransomware from http://temasoft.com/ranstop-anti-ransomware/ or find out more in their blog section: http://temasoft.com/category/blog/.