Add Smile or Change Age of Any Face with FaceApp

FaceApp is a photograph manipulation app for smartphones including Android devices and iPhone. It can be used to snap a picture of anyone’s face and then change their age (make them really old or younger), add smiles (small smile and big wide smile), change the gender (make them male or female) and more. And all of these photographic manipulations are handles automatically by the app – you do not have to edit anything.

And if you are thinking of other apps that just superimpose other images to make your picture look young, old, add smiles etc., then you are mistaken. FaceApp is a much more advanced app – it does not just fuses two images together to give the effect. Instead it uses a special algorithm to make changes in the original picture itself to do all the transformations. But yes, it also has to add a few things – for example, to make you smile it adds fake teeth and to swap the genders it has to add fake hairstyles or facial hair.


Using the FaceApp is the easiest thing in the world. You have to take a picture of yourself or your friends in such a way that only face is covered in the viewfinder. Then FaceApp analyzes the picture for a few seconds after which you can start manipulating the photo by tapping on the buttons like smile, smile 2, spark, old, young etc. Currently there are seven filters that you can use:


  1. Smile: Ordinary smile
  2. Smile 2: Extra wide smile showing more pearly white teeth
  3. Old: Makes your photo look old.
  4. Young: Makes you look a little bit younger, specially if you are old.
  5. Male: Makes you look like a male.
  6. Female: Makes you look like a female. No effect if you are already a female.
  7. Spark: Makes your photo beautiful by removing skin spots and making it look smoother

You can share the modified pictures over the social networks like facebook, twitter, instagram etc. You can also save the pictures to your phone’s storage memory.

Conclusion: FaceApp is a very unique photo manipulation app. It adds very high quality effects to your facial pictures and can make you young, old, male, female and add smiles.

You can download the FaceApp from