Black Bird System Info : Find More About Your PC

People who buy branded computers do not really know the pleasure of assembling your own computer. You hunt for the best components like the RAM modules, the hard disks, the power supply and the motherboard. At the same time making sure that all these components are compatible with each other. And when you finish assembling the PC, you want to know the hardware configuration as reported by the installed operating system. For find the detailed hardware configuration information for your PC, you can use the Black Bird System Info. This programs is created by the same developers who are behind the popular Black Bird Cleaner software.

Black Bird System Info comes in two versions – a free version and the pro version. The free version allows you to view the detailed system information about your motherboard, processor, memory and BIOS. In the pro version, you can view additional information about the video, audio, network, optical drives, storage drives, peripherals like keyboards or mice, and more. Both versions display a short summary of your computer system.

Black Bird System Info

Compared to some other similar programs, the Black Bird System Info lacks a few features like the ability to save the system information to a file, ability to take a print out  of the system information, the ability to upload the system information to the internet so that you can share the link for other people to see or the ability to compare the system information of your PC with that of some other computer.

Verdict: Black Bird System Info is a basic system information tool that does display all the detailed information about your PC. But it lacks some of the most desired features like printing the system information or saving it to a PDF file.

You can download Black Bird System Info from