Create Stunning Video Intros & Outros with BluffTitler

If you have watched some of the professionally edited videos on Youtube, they you must have noticed that they all have a small intro with their Youtube channel name presented in the most impressive manner. This intro usually lasts 4-5 seconds and is then followed by the main content of the video. Just by using this intro, you can give your otherwise plain looking Youtube videos a professional touch. Usually, people visit Fiverr when they have to have their video intros made by others and the results are very good, but you have to pay $5 every time you want a new intro besides having no control over how the intro is made.

Instead, you can invest a little in the BluffTitler software that can help you make an unlimited number of video intros using hundreds of customizable templates. Not only that, you can download even more free templates from another website called BixPack.

When you launch BluffTitler it asks you what type of mode you want to use – easy, pro or ultimate. If you are new to this program, then you should choose the easy mode. You can later switch to any mode based on your experience level from the menubar – Settings → Switch to Easy/Pro/Ultimate.


The novice users should begin by opening an existing template and then working around it. You can open a new template by choosing File → Open Show or by using the hotkey Ctrl+O. Experienced users can also create their own shows (intros) from scratch. There are hundreds of show templates that you can pick from and as already has been mentioned, you can download even more from the internet.


The BluffTitler window shows yo a preview of the show you are editing along with giving you an easy to use timeline based editing interface. You can add layers, text, pictures, effects and more. How much you can control your shows depends on the mode you are using (easy, pro or ultimate).


When you are satisfied, you can export the videos in form of MP4 or AVI files. This can be done by selecting File → Export as Video from the menubar. There is also an option to export the show as picture if that is something you would want. In the evaluation version, it stamps a big “Demo” on all the exported videos.

Conclusion: BluffTitler is an easy-to-use videos intros and outros maker that anybody can start using with very little effort. It can be a great help for the Youtubers who want to make their videos look much more professional.

You can download BluffTitler from