Decrypt Bart Ransomware Encrypted Files with Bitdefender Bart Decryptor

Ransomware is a malware that works by encrypting the files of the victim’s computer or locking down their computer and then demanding a ransom in exchange of returning everything back to the way it was before. It is not any different from a criminal kidnapping someone’s children and then demanding money to return them back safely. This cyber-crime is so profitable that there was a 300% rise in the ransomware related attacks last year. And this trend is going to continue this year too.

Using a good protection against ransomware is the first defense that everyone should practice. There are so many good security software for this. You should also keep a regular backup of all of your important files so that if these files get damaged, you can always restore them from backup. But if you have got the bad news of getting infected with a ransomware, then you should head over to and find any tools that can help.

For example, if you get infected with Bart ransomware, then you can use the Bitdefender Bart Decryptor to decrypt all the files without paying any ransom. Bart ransomware encrypts the files and creates files with an extension .BART or .BART.ZIP. The decryption tool can be used to handle any of these files.

Bitdefender Bart Decryptor

In this tool, you can choose to scan the entire system which will go through all the folders in your hard disks. Or you can choose to scan a particular path that you know where the Bart encrypted files are present. You can also choose to keep a backup of the encrypted files in case something goes wrong and you want to try decryption later with a different tool or send these files to a security professional. As you click on the Scan button, it will find and decrypt the files and place them in the same folder as the encrypted files.

Verdict: Bitdefender Bart Decryptor can be used to easily decrypt files encrypted by Bart ransomware. It can handle files with extensions “.bart”, “” and “.perl”.

You can download Bitdefender Bart Decryptor from