Defend PC Against Malware with SmartSoft Anti-Malware

When it comes to protecting your PC against malware and other harmful software, you cannot depend on just one security software. You have to experiment around and find a regular antivirus software and couple it with some other security solutions like SmartSoft Anti-Malware. This way the chances of any malware slipping under the radar into your PC diminish very much.

SmartSoft Anti-Malware can scan your computer for known malware and helps you eradicate the detected threats. You can run three different types of scans with this software – quick scan, full scan and the custom scan. The quick scan is meant for scanning through some of the very vulnerable areas of your system and does not take much time. The full scan, on the other hand, scans everything in your computer and makes sure nothing remaining unchecked for malware. The custom scan can be tailored to meet your requirements.

SmartSoft Anti-Malware

It also comes with a treasure chest of tools like the data shredder, one-click rocket, process manager, firewall activity. The data shredder is your typical run of the mill secure file eraser. One-click rocket can improve the system performance of your PC by running some optimizations. The process manager and the firewall activity tools can tell you more about the processes and Windows Firewall events respectfully.

The SmartSoft Anti-Malware comes in two versions – the free version and the pro paid version. In the free version you can scan for malware and remove the detected threats. The paid version offers some extra features like the real-time protection, firewall, USB protection and the web browser protection called WebShield.

Verdict: SmartSoft Anti-Malware provides defense against the malware threats. It is very lightweight, does not put any extra burden on your system and works very well with latest version of Windows 10.

You can download SmartSoft Anti-Malware from

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  1. It has excessive CPU use, and is very buggy. Custom and context menu scans did not work.

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