Emco MoveOnBoot : Move, Rename or Delete Locked Files

Everyone who has been using Windows has come across the strange situation of locked files – when you try to delete or rename a file but Windows keeps telling you that “Access is denied”. One good old solution for this problem (and many others) is to just reboot Windows in the hope that whatever process was locking the files will free those files up and then you would be able to easily delete or rename them. But if the same process starts with Windows and locks those files all over again, then you will have nothing but frustration.

Emco MoveOnBoot can help you out in these  times. This tool uses a very well known Windows API to move, rename or delete any files of your choice at the Windows boot. So if an auto-starting process is locking these files, it will have a harder time locking them at the next Windows boot.

Using Emco MoveOnBoot is very straightforward. If you want to rename or move files, then you have to add files using the MoveOnBoot button in the toolbar. And if you want to delete the files at next Windows boot, then you can add those files using the DeleteOnBoot button in the toolbar. A list of all the files that will be processed at next Windows boot is displayed in the Emco MoveOnBoot window. The files that are going to be deleted have no destination in this list. The files that are to be renamed or moved to a different folder have a destination reflecting this changed in this list. You can restart Windows using the convenient button in the Emco MoveOnBoot window after adding these files for renaming , moving or deletion.

Emco MoveOnBoot

The Emco website mentions that this program can be used for more than working on locked files. It can be used to update some of the system files, uninstalling applications or cleaning up after a virus attack. But for all of these operations, you have to be an advanced user and have the proper knowledge of how your actions are going to affect the inner workings of Windows operating system.

You can download Emco MoveOnBoot from https://emcosoftware.com/move-on-boot.