Free Image OCR : Extract Text from Images and PDF Documents

Free Image OCR is a free optical character recognition (OCR) software for Windows. It supports recognizing texts from most of the scanned PDF documents and images for many different formats including the multiple page tiff images. Free Image OCR outputs plain text that you can save in form of a plain TXT file, export it into Microsoft Word document or copy to the clipboard.

You can download Free Image OCR from its website where the download is available in form of a setup installer. Free Image OCR is designed using Borland Delphi and as such the program does not really require any framework or runtimes like some of the similar software do. After the installation of Free Image OCR, you can launch it from its Start Menu shortcut or from the Desktop shortcut.

Through an interface that appears similar to the Microsoft Office you can use Free Image OCR is very easily. You can click on the Load Image button or the Load PDF in the toolbar and select an image or a PDF file respectively. When the preview of your image or the PDF file appears in the left side pane, then you can click on the OCR button in the toolbar and it would extract the text and display it in the right-side text box.

Free Image OCR

The buttons in the toolbar can be used to remove the line breaks and you can also edit the text to correct the mistakes. You can then save the text in a plain text file, copy the extracted text to the clipboard and directly export the extracted text into a Microsoft Word document.

Conclusion: Free Image OCR supports all the popular image formats and PDF documents having multiple pages. It can make the daunting task of manually extracting text from an image and typing it down very easy. Even though the extracted text has some errors, you can easily fix them yourself.

You can download Free Image OCR from