Computer Repair Simulator : Fun Way to Learn Fixing PC Hardware

Ever since I got my first PC back in my early teens (a refurbished Dell Inspiron PC), I have been in the habit for fixing all the hardware problems my self. I usually take everything apart in my computers every year in order to clean the hardware and remove the accumulated dust. But I was not always this confident about opening up a desktop PC or a laptop computer. I was very nervous the first time I changed the power supply unit of my PC. I was reading a magazine (PC World) to know how everything is done and still was not sure if the new power supply will work.

But today things have changed. Now you can use the Computer Repair Simulator game that teaches all the players how to fix PC hardware related problems in a fun way. Using this simulation game, you can learn how to build a PC by assembling various parts together, disassemble a PC, fix the hardware, troubleshoot the computer equipment and more. The game is available both for the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. The download is around 200 MB and can be installed easily. You play as a PC technician and go around from place to place fixing computers.

Computer Repair Simulator

The game is a very intuitive way of learning about how to upgrade the memory of your PC or adding an extra hard disk. This can help you if you want to know how to do everything properly step-by-step. The game is not limited to the desktop computers, you can also fix the laptops, and even smartphones. For example, there is a scenario where you get a smartphone with a broken screen and you have to replace the screen.

This game is still in the beta mode and might contain bugs and some unfinished parts. But nevertheless, it can teach you everything about fixing computers in a fun and interactive manner.

You can download Computer Repair Simulator from