MuseScore : Create, Print and Play Music Easily

One of my friends is learning to play piano and is very good at it. Some evenings we spend just listening to the pleasant music as she plays it on the piano. I don’t remember how many times I have requested her to play the classic sonata no. 14 originally composed by Beethoven. She also composes her own music. When she showed some of her beautifully printed music sheets to me, that was the first time I found out about the MuseScore software.

MuseScore is a software for all the music composers as it allows you to create and compose your own music and write it down using the all familiar music notations. It is a cross-platform music editor and works on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iPhone. Though it works on smaller mobile devices, for better experience you should use it on large screen desktop or notebook computers.


It offers all the possible editing features you would expect from a music sheet editor. You can control the sizing and spacing of all the elements on a music sheet – clefs, staves, accidentals and so on. It supports MIDI devices and can receive input from any device through MIDI interface. It can export the music sheet into a myriad of audio file formats – MIC, WAV, OGG. You can export the music sheet into PDF or PNG files too.


The thing that impressed me most is the way it prints the music sheets in a beautiful looking way. You can change the look, layout and style of the music sheets. You can change how they will appear after you print them on paper. And you do not need any expensive printer for this – you can use any cheap monochrome printer and it will still produce the most stunning music sheets that you have ever sheen.

Conclusion: MuseScore is cross-platform, versatile, powerful and free music editor software. It can compete with any commercial music editor program when it comes to features and the ease-of-use.

You can download MuseScore from