Five Linux Distros to Replace Windows 10

Microsoft has released another update to their flagship product Windows 10 and it is being called Creators Update. But as with all the updates, this update also demands much more from your PC than the previous version not to mention all the new ways of dialing-back-home and display of advertisements in various parts of Windows 10. Perhaps this is the right time to switch over to the Linux world. Here we are listing five Linux distros that can easily replace Windows 10 in your PC.

1. Elementary OS: This is based on the popular Ubuntu Linux and is designed for the beginner Linux users. It has a unique user interface that give the appearance of Mac OS but also borrows some elements from Windows.

Elementary OS Linux

You can download Elementary OS from

2. Zorin OS: This Linux distro is also based on the popular Ubuntu. It is also designed for the beginners who are coming from Windows. It has a user interface very similar to that of Windows. It even has programs that are usually found in Windows. It can run Windows programs through the Wine emulator.

Zorin OS Linux

You can download Zorin OS from

3. Apricity OS: This flavor of Linux is based on Arch Linux. It has feature to make the notebook computer battery last longer, create site specific browser shortcuts, and run Windows programs through the Wine emulator. It can be customized to look like Windows or Chrome OS.

Apricity OS Linux

You can download Apricity OS from

4. Pearl Linux: This is another one that is based on Ubuntu Linux but uses Xfce desktop to make the Linux faster and suitable even for the older computers. The graphical user interface is designed to look like Apple Mac OS X.

Pearl OS Linux

You can download Pearl Linux from

5. Chalet OS: This one is based on Xubuntu but looks almost as if you are using Windows itself. It is designed for beginners and can be run even on relatively older computers that have very low end GPUs. If this is your first time with Linux, then perhaps you should try this.

Chalet OS Linux

You can download Chalet OS from

The beauty of all of these Linux distributions is that you can install them along with Windows either on the same hard disk drive or another hard disk drive. If you do not want to mess up the partitions in your Windows installation, our recommendation is to use a secondary hard disk drive for installing Linux.