Run Apple Mac OS Inside Web Browser

Apple’s Mac operating system was not always as good looking as it is today. Back in the early 90’s, the Mac OS was very very basic and looked not much different from Windows 3.1. You may also be surprised that in those times Apple Macintosh had monochrome monitors – yes, everything looked black and white. If you are curious to find out how the Mac OS 7 looked like, then you can do so easily. Thanks to the cool people at, now you can run Apple Mac OS 6 and Mac OS 7 right inside your web browser. Here is how:

  1. For Mac OS 7, visit the website at in your web browser. For Mac OS 6, visit
  2. Near the top of the web page, you will see a preview section – click on the power button on this section to run the Mac OS.Run MacOS in Web Browser
  3. It will download over 40 MB of files to your computer before the Mac OS is started. You will see everything as usual – the welcome message etc. You can switch the OS to full screen mode if you want to.Run MacOS in Web Browser
  4. The ages old Mac OS does not have any internet access features, but it does have many other things like Microsoft Word, Disinfectant (antivirus), a few games and so on.Run MacOS in Web Browser
  5. It is a strain on the eyes to use a monochrome OS, but when you are done using it – you can shutdown the OS from the menu bar. Or you can just close the web browser.

It is very interesting to see how far we have come in terms of computer technology when using Mac OS of 1991 in the web browsers of 2017. For the young people it could be a very shocking experience to find out that their ancestors used a monochrome operating system that had no internet access at all and had storage capacity of only 40 mega bytes.