Download Windows 10 Creators Update ISO on Smartphone

The official way of getting the latest version of Windows 10 Creators Update in your PC is by using the Media Creation Tool as Microsoft has described on their website in detail at But if you want to download the ISO files directly from Microsoft then you have to use an operating system other than Windows. The reason for this is that Media Creation Tool does not work on any other operating system. This means that you can download the Windows 10 Creators Update ISO files using your smartphone. Here is how:

Note: Use this method only if you have access to high speed WiFi network (at least 6 Mbps) so that the ISO file gets downloaded quickly. Also make sure that your Android smartphone or iPhone has enough storage space (more than 5 GB) for downloading the ISO file. The ISO file for 32-bit Windows 10 Creators Update is 3 GB while that for the 64-bit version is 4 GB.

  1. Scan the following QR code in your smartphone:Download Windows 10 Creators Update ISO
  2. This will open a URL in your phone’s default web browser where you can select the Windows edition. Tap on Select Edition and then pick one of the editions for Windows 10 Creators Update – Windows 10, Windows 10 N or Windows 10 Single Language.Download Windows 10 Creators Update ISO
  3. You will have to choose a product language  and then you will be shown the download links for both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the ISO files. These links will be valid for 24 hours. Tap on any of the desired versions and the download will be started.Download Windows 10 Creators Update ISO
  4. After download is complete, you can transfer the ISO image to your Windows PC and create bootable media using a tool like Rufus.