Set Abstract Wallpapers in Windows Generated by Fractal Art

Fractals are geometric patterns that repeat themselves at every scale. Fractals have been a thing of interest to the mathematicians for a long time and with the invention of computers, now they can generate fractals on the computers to see how the pattern is being repeated at every step. Since fractals often look like abstract art,  you can also use them as desktop wallpapers for your PC. In fact, you can generate your own fractal graphics using a free program called Fractal Art.

A free program called Fractal Art is able to dynamically generate fractals based graphics right on your Windows PC instantly. Even though this program is a command line interface (CLI) program, you can just double-click on this program to launch it. It will automatically generate wallpapers in the profile folder and also set them as the desktop background.

Fractal Art

The images generated by the Fractal Art are of the BMP images file type and as expected they are very large in file size. By default Fractal Art generates the images of the same resolution as the resolution of your computer screen. So if your screen is 1360×768, then it will generate the images of the same width and height. But you can control the width and height of the images by using the command line parameters -w and -h. So in order to generate a 800×600 images you have to invoke Fractal Art using command line FractalArt.exe -w 800 -h 600.

Fractal Art

If you just want to generate the fractals based graphics and do not want to set them as your desktop wallpaper, then you can use the command line parameter as -n. Similarly, you can use the command line parameter -f to specify a special folder and path for the wallpaper file. For example, if you want to generate the wallpaper in C:\Wallpaper then the command line would be FractalArt.exe -f C:\wallpaper\wall.bmp.

Conclusion: Fractal Art is an open-source program that can generate fractals based desktop wallpapers and then set them automatically in Windows PC for you. Using various command line parameters, you can control the width, height and the wallpaper file location.

You can download Fractal Art from