Reduce Firefox Memory Use with OneTab Extension

If you have less than 2GB of RAM in your Windows PC then you might face some problems using the Firefox browser specially when many tabs are open and each of them has different sites loaded in them. The Firefox browser can even become unresponsive when you open multiple sites in various tabs with media content like Youtube. The solution to this problem is obviously to upgrade and increase the RAM in your PC or just upgrade the computer itself. But if you do not want to shell out money, then you can just install the OneTab extension in your Firefox browser and reduce the memory consumption drastically.

OneTab, as you can perhaps guess, works by closing all the open tabs and create a list of all of these closed tabs so that you can restore them at any time later. This extension installs an icon in the Firefox’s toolbar that looks like a blue funnel and you can click on anytime you think that your web browser has become overloaded with dozens of tabs. This will instantly close all the tabs and open just one tab with a list of all the tabs closed with complete details.

OneTab for Firefox

You can click on any of these listed tabs to restore them. You can also click on Restore All to restore all of these tabs or Delete All to remove them all from OneTab list. You can even share the list of these tabs in form of a webpage with others. There are also the options to import or export the URLs so that you can reopen them at any later time in any PC that has Firefox with OneTab extension installed.

Conclusion: OneTab extension for Firefox is a life saver if this web browser is consuming lots of memory when many tabs are opened. Through this extension, you can temporarily close the open tabs and restore them later on.

You can get the OneTab extension for Firefox from