Uninstall or Reinstall Symantec Products with Norton Remove & Reinstall Tool

There are times when some software that you had installed earlier just stops working for a myriad of reasons. No matter how many different ways you try to fix that software and attempt to make it work, it keeps failing. In those situations, the best bet is to simply uninstall and reinstall that software. This approach works universally for all types of software including the Windows operating system itself (we all have formatted and reinstalled Windows a number of times to fix some serious errors). Perhaps this is why the security software giant Symantec has come up with a program called Norton Remove & Reinstall Tool.

Norton Remove & Reinstall Tool, as you can easily guess, can uninstall the existing Symantec software from your Windows PC and then download the fresh installer from the internet for the same product. This way you get rid of the older (and perhaps corrupted messed up installation) and then reinstall the latest version of the Norton software from the internet. You just have to launch this tool and click on the Remove  & Reinstall button.

Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool

But what if you do not want to reinstall the new version of the Norton product that wish to uninstall from your PC. Perhaps you wish to replace it with another security product that you got for free with your new computer, or perhaps you want to reinstall the Norton product manually at a later time. In that case, you can click on the Advanced options button and it will show you option to only remove the Norton products and not reinstall them.

Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool

No matter which option you choose (remove only or removal followed by reinstall), it will ask you to restart your PC once the Norton products have been removed. This is essential as some files and entries need to be removed at the next time Windows loads. Once your Windows PC is fully clean, you can proceed with reinstallation of Norton products.

Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool

Conclusion: Norton Remove & Reinstall Tool can fix some of the issues that you could be having with the Norton products. It can remove a corrupt or problematic installation and then reinstall the same product by downloading the newest version from the internet.

You can download Norton Remove & Reinstall Tool from Symantec Website.