AccuBattery for Android Shows Wealth of Battery Stats

When shopping for a new smartphone the first thing people check is the capacity of the battery. If the battery has a small mAh rating then it won’t last for long, so people look for phones with battery ratings of 3000 mAh or more. And even those batteries run out of charge during a day, so people carry a power bank in their pocket so that they can use it to recharge the battery when needed. But either those power banks are very large in size or their capacity is also very small.

If you want to make your Android phone’s battery last longer than you can use the AccuBattery app to help you do so. The first time the AccuBattery app warns you is when the battery charge reaches the 80% level. The app mentions a scientific study conducted in Japan regarding this according to which the batteries last much longer if they are charged only 80% of the full capacity and if you avoid charging them to the maximum level.


The app also calibrates your battery accurately if you disconnect the phone battery charger for a few minutes using the battery discharging data. It will use the discharging samples to find out about the battery current unit, charging polarity, and the battery capacity.

But instead of battery charge saving app, AccuBattery is more of a battery stats app that displays a wealth of information about how your battery is being discharged or charged, how the battery discharge current drops or rises and how many different apps are using up your smartphone’s battery.


Apart from all this, AccuBattery also keeps a track of your battery history and can show your battery health and the charging discharging cycles for past many months. You can use this historical data to estimate if your battery might fail in the future or how your battery has been performing over a period of time.

You can get the AccuBattery app for Android from