How to Enable New Dark Theme for Youtube

Google is always working to add new features and designs to their products and this time they have decided to overhaul the Youtube interface for the desktop web browsers completely. According to Google, the new interface for Youtube has a much cleaner design compared to the old interface and it will help you enjoy the Youtube content more. The new interface also has an optional Dark Theme that will be helpful to cut down on the glare of your laptop screen and could be really easy on your eyes specially if you like to watch videos in the dark. They also mention that the new interface is designed to keep the future in the mind and will help the Google developers add new features faster.

Well, if you want to try out the new Youtube interface before it is made available to everyone and enable the new Dark Theme then follow these steps:

Note: This new interface is only meant for the desktop web browsers, it won’t work on your tablet or smartphone.

  1. Point your web browser to and then click on the Try It Now button. This will make Youtube website reload and when it is done, you will see the new interface that looks much cleaner.Youtube Dark Theme
  2. In the new interface click on the user picture near the top-right corner of your screen to pull out the account menu. From this account menu, select Dark Theme. Youtube Dark Theme
  3. It will display some information like “dark theme is ideal for the night” etc. Click on the flip switch to turn on the Dark Theme.Youtube Dark Theme

The Dark Theme setting for Youtube applies only to the current web browser and is not stored in your Google account. This is why you will have to enable the Dark Theme in any web browser that you want to use – whether in the same PC or in different computers.

Youtube Dark Theme

We played around with the new Youtube interface in the Chrome and Firefox web browsers and we found that it works smoother in the Chrome web browser. For some reason, it is a little slower in Firefox. Perhaps things will improve in later stages, but for now we suggest that you use Google Chrome web browser with the Youtube’s new interface.

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