Buttercup is Open-Source Cross-Platform Password Manager

As a kid I used to watch the cartoon show Powerpuff Girls a lot and all those who have watched this show know who Buttercup is – the toughest girl in the trio. But now there is also Buttercup software and it is completely unrelated to the cartoon show – it is actually a password manager that works across multiple platforms. Using this password manager you can store your credentials in a password protected and encrypted database.

Buttercup allows you to organize all of your passwords, login details and other credentials in various categories and groups that helps you to locate them easily later on. You can also assign some keywords to each of the stored credentials so that you can search for the stored credentials later. When you add a new entry you can specify these keywords, categories as well as the username and password that you want to store. But you can store much more customized data in each of the entries as you can add many custom fields to each of the entries.

And if you think that you have weaker passwords or you cannot come up with any strong passwords for these entries, then Buttercup has a built-in password manager for you. This password manager can generate passwords based on your preferences of various lengths and containing different character sets. It can also warn you if your passwords are considerably weaker.

Buttercup Password Manager

Buttercup stored your credentials in a database that is password protected and encrypted using very strong ciphers like AES 256-bit in CBC mode. You can also store the database archives on the cloud storage like Dropbox, ownCloud and NextCloud.

Conclusion: Buttercup is a highly secure password manager with features like database encryption using AES 256-bit and remote cloud storage. It also comes with search functions and a password generator.

You can download Buttercup secure password generator from https://github.com/buttercup/buttercup/releases.