Control Foobar2000 in PC from Android Smartphone

After you have setup Foobar2000 music player along with the ASIO4ALL sound drivers in your Windows PC and connected the PC audio output to high quality speakers, you can relax and enjoy the music at its best performance. But you do not want to get up again and again from your comfortable lounge chair to change the song you want to listen to. Fortunately, there is an app for Android smartphones called Foobar2000 Controller that allows you to control all the playback in the Foobar2000 installed on your Windows PC. The only requirement is that both your Android smartphone and your PC should be on the same WiFi network.

Here is how you can control Foobar2000 in your PC from your Android phone:

  1. First of all install Foobar2000 and ASIO4ALL and setup them the right way as explained in – how to use ASIO sound drivers in Foobar2000.
  2. Download Foobar2000 Controller server for PC from and install it in your PC.Foobar2000 Controller for Android
  3. Close Foobar2000 if it is running and restart it once again. It should be running at this step.
  4. Now install the Foobar2000 Controller app in your Android phone. As you launch this app, it will guide you through all the steps. In the step 3, tap on the Auto button to scan your PC. When your PC’s IP address is displayed tap on it and assign a friendly name to it.
  5. Now you can control the Foobar2000 in your PC using the Foobar Controller. You can view the playlists, music library, and the music that is playing right now. You can control the volume and even browse your PC for music files.Foobar2000 Controller for Android

You can also connect this app with other Windows computers that have Foobar2000 installed in the same manner. To switch to other computers, you will have tap on menu and choose Change Server option from there to look for other Windows computers.

You can get the Foobar2000 Controller app for Android from


  1. Thanks for this great app. I have one question.

    Is it possible to use the app to control an android device that is running the android version of Foobar?

    I want to control a tablet that I have acting as my music server using my cellphone.


    1. No this server works only for Windows version of Foobar2000. But you can control your Android device from another Android device using other apps like TeamViewer.

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