Enhance Sound Quality in Android Smartphones with ViPER4Android

Recently I purchased a new smartphone – Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime and the first thing I decided to do with it is install the ViPER4Android to enhance the music listening pleasure. ViPER4Android is an audio driver for Android that fine tunes how the sound is processed in your smartphone and enhances its quality even if you are using cheap unbranded earphones.

In the past the only way you could install ViPER4Android in your phone was by downloading the APK from their website or from XDA forums. But now ViPER4Android is available through Google Play store and this has made everything so much easier.

After installing the ViPER4Android app from Google Play store, you will have to install the drivers in your phone. For this reason the phone must be rooted. You can use Root Genius to root your Android phone or visit XDA forums to seek the help of experts in this matter. ViPER4Android gives you options of three drivers for super high audio quality, high audio quality and power saving drivers. Installing these drivers also requires the installation of Busybox in Android which will also be done by ViPER4Android.


After the drivers are installed, you will have to reboot your phone so that the new audio drivers are loaded. Then you can launch ViPER4Android and enable the drivers for various audio outputs – headset, phone speaker, Bluetooth devices, or USB/dock. For all of these the settings have to be changed separately. Basically you can enable the playback auto gain control, equalizer, surround sound, fidelity control and the auditory system protection.


After enabling the ViPER4Android for your phone speaker or headset and making proper settings to your taste, try listening to any music (preferably on your headphones) and you will notice a remarkably improvement in the audio quality. The only drawback is the ViPER4Android drains your battery really fast, so make sure that you have a power bank in your pocket ready for the times when the phone battery runs out.

You can get the ViPER4Android from Play store at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vipercn.viper4android_v2_fx.