Eight Ways to Make Android Battery Last Longer

The number one problem that everyone is complaining these days is that their phone battery has run out. You can see this problem much more prominently at the railway stations or the airports where everyone is trying to shove each other in order to reach the charging station and get their phone charged. And once you succeed to get your phone attached to those charging stations, other people stare at you as if you are committing a massive crime. To avoid all this, you can follow the following eight tips to make your Android phone’s battery last longer:

  1. Avoid Over Heating: Both the high temperatures and the low temperatures have an adverse effect on your phone’s battery. If you want your phone’s battery to last for a long time, then do not let it get too cold by forgetting the phone outside in the winters or get it too hot by overcharging it or by playing games on your phone for hours while the battery is charging.
  2. Fully Discharge Battery First Few Times: The most popular battery in the phones these days is the Lithium-ion battery. These types of batteries do not get fully conditioned to your phone unless you first discharge the battery first 2-3 times. For this, you should let the battery go completely out of charge and then recharge it to 100%. Repeat this for 2-3 times without trying to discharge the battery forcibly like by watching movies or playing games.
  3. Lower Screen Brightness: Large screen Android phones consume a lot of battery power just on the screens. If you keep the screen brightness at the maximum level, then you will run out of battery charge quickly. This is why you should keep the screen brightness either at the automatic setting or at a lower level.Make Android Phone's Battery Last Longer
  4. Disable WiFi, Bluetooth, HotKnot, NFC: Many people keep all the networking features in their phones turned on even when they are not being used. But this puts extra load on the battery and it keeps draining continuously. This is why you should disable features like WiFi, Bluetooth, HotKnot and NFC when they are not really needed.Make Android Phone's Battery Last Longer
  5. Use Signal Booster: Another big reason that drains your phone’s battery is the weak mobile network signal. If you are in an area where the mobile network signal is weak, the phone battery drains faster. To avoid you should install a cell signal booster device for the appropriate frequency (2G, 3G or 4G) that makes the signal strong in your building or room.
  6. Use Power Saving Mode: You can make the Android phone battery last a little bit longer using the power saving mode feature of Android. This feature turns off unnecessary services and lowers the screen brightness to help you save the battery charge.Make Android Phone's Battery Last Longer
  7. Disable Notifications: Many of the apps you install in your phone from Google Play store display notifications from time to time. For example, some email apps like Yahoo Mail can display notifications regarding new email messages. But every time you check these notifications, you have to turn on the screen and this wastes the phone battery. It is suggested that you disable notifications from the apps that are not really important.Make Android Phone's Battery Last Longer
  8. Use a Power Bank for Emergency: If even after following all these tips, your phone’s battery decides to run out of the charge all of a sudden when you are outdoors and nowhere near a power outlet, then you can use a power bank to recharge your phone. These power banks are not that bulky and you can carry them in your pocket or handbag easily.Make Android Phone's Battery Last Longer

These are some of the ways that can help you not only make the Android phone’s battery last longer but can also help improve its performance.