Five Ways to Improve WiFi Coverage in Home/Office

The cabled internet connection seems like the technology of decades ago. Nobody really uses the old fashioned internet through LAN cable anymore. Smartphones, tablets, smart watches, laptops, televisions and all the other modern devices are equipped with WiFi transceivers. This is why now everybody has WiFi routers in their homes or offices. But just connecting the internet cable into the WiFi router is not enough to get a good coverage of WiFi network everywhere in your place. If you are getting weak signals in some spots and strong in others, then you can easily improve the WiFi coverage using these tips:

  1. Switch to a wireless router with two antennas or more: The cheapest type of WiFi routers come with just one antenna. One antenna does not produce strong enough signal and the network range is very limited. You should go for a WiFi router with two or three antenna and it will instantly improve the network range in your place. Another thing is that the one antenna routers usually provide you with the basic wireless speed of 150 Mbps which is good enough for two or three devices. But if you connect many devices to the WiFi, then you have to upgrade to a router with at least 300 Mbps wireless speed.
  2. Change antenna direction: If your router has only one antenna then you have no other choice but to keep it in the vertical direction – this is the best for one antenna routers. But if you have a router with two antenna, then you can improve network coverage by setting one antenna vertical to the ground and another horizontal to the ground. Improve WiFi Network Coverage
  3. Place router in the center of home/office: You should place the router in the center of your place so that all the devices can get the same strength of signal. But if you use WiFi network only in certain parts then it is a good idea to keep the router close to that location. For example, if you use WiFi in the living room and dining room then place it close to that area.Improve WiFi Network Coverage
  4. Change transmission power of router: Some routers give you the option to change the transmission power. Usually you can set the transmission power to high or low. A high transmission power can significantly improve the network coverage. But not all the routers support this feature. You can find this option under the wireless settings for your router.Improve WiFi Network Coverage
  5. Use wireless repeater: A wireless repeater is a special WiFi device that takes the weak signal from an existing WiFi network and rebroadcasts to create a second network using the same SSID and security settings. These repeaters are placed near the outside range of an existing WiFi network.

These are a few of tried and tested ways to improve the WiFi network coverage in your home or office or any other place. I hope you will find them useful and you will get better WiFi range using these methods.

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