Install New Security Update KB982316 for Windows XP SP3

Microsoft Windows XP grew so much popular as an operating system that it is now becoming a big headache for Microsoft to keep providing the security patches for Windows XP. It has been three years since the end of all kinds of support for Windows XP, but it is still being used for both personal use and the commercial use. According to a post on the security blog of Sophos Antivirus titled ATM Heists – many of the ATMs in the world still run on Windows XP operating system. Another security researcher claims that 95% of the world’s ATMs are running on Windows XP. Imagine what a catastrophe it would cause if they can find a serious vulnerability and create a malware to exploit it.

So if you are still running the decades old Windows XP machine for any purpose, it is highly advised that you upgrade it. And if you cannot upgrade it, then you should install the latest patches that are being released by Microsoft. After a patch that addressed Eternal Blue vulnerability (the same vulnerability that was used by the WannaCrypt ransomware), now Microsoft has released another patch for Windows XP machines. This new patch addresses critical system vulnerability in the TAPI (Telephony API).

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This vulnerability in TAPI does not seem to be newly identified as the CVE page about this (CVE-2010-1886) gives the date of report 11th May 2010. But the Microsoft’s download page for the hotfix KB982316 gives the date of publication for the patch as 19th May 2017. In any case, you should download this hotfix and install in your Windows XP machines as soon as possible. The download is available for only the Windows XP 32-bit SP3 operating system.

You can download the KB982316 patches for Windows XP from

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