GraphicsGale : Create Animations & Export to Popular Formats

GraphicsGale is a feature rich graphics editor that can take the images from a variety of sources, allows you to put them in a sequence to create the animation using a number of tools and export them to many of the popular file formats like AVI, CUR, ANI, GIF and so on. But it is not like one of those 3D animation software like Blender that can create 3D animation movies, 3D effects and other visual effects. GraphicsGale is designed to create the sprites and other pixel arts. These sprites can be used in a myriad number of projects like games, web pages, and more.

In GraphicsGale, you have to either add frames one by one and use all the editing tools to create the pixel art or you can import the images from a number of sources. It offers tools like palette of colors, eraser, shapes, wand, pipette, rotation, and many others. You can import the ready to use frames that you have saved in form of BMP, PNG, JPG and other popular types of images. Apart from this, you can also scan the animation frames that you have drawn on a piece of paper through TWAIN.


As you edit the animation, a preview of the animation is shown in the GraphicsGale window. This helps you see how the finished animation is going to look like. When you have satisfied with the editing of the animation, you can export this animation to many different popular formats like ANI, CUR, AVI, GIF etc. But the free version of the GraphicsGale software can export only to the GAL file format which can be opened only by GraphicsGale browser.

Verdict: While you cannot create 3D animations using GraphicsGale, it is great for creates 2D sprites and other pixel art. It is able to import the source images from a variety of sources and can export the animation into many popular formats.

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