Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Protects from Crypto-Malware & Ransomware

Millions of people across the world saw how the WannaCry ransomware stopped their computers, encrypted their files and then demanded the ransom money. People who could not pay, their files were lost forever and the ones who delayed paying had to pay twice the ransom. We have posted several articles about the threat of WannaCry ransomware including how to patch Windows to protect from WannaCry ransomware, how to decrypt WannaCry encrypted files using WannaKiwi, and five steps to protect yourself from WannaCry. In these articles, we have mentioned that you should use a specialized anti-ransomware tool like RanStop or Bitdefender anti-ransomware in addition to your regular antivirus software. Now Kaspersky has also released a similar anti-ransomware software called Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware for Business that helps business owners defend their systems against all types of crypto-malware attacks.

Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware is designed specially for the business owners and is not meant for the home or office computers. This is perhaps because many of the business computers (the ones at POS for example) do not have enough system resources for running a full fledged security product. Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware does not have very high requirements and uses only around 7 MB of the RAM and only 1% of the CPU power and that too sporadically.

Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware

After the installation, it keeps monitoring your system activity in the background. A small animated icon in the system tray keeps spinning a hexagon to indicate that your system is being protected. If you double-click on this icon it shows the Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware window that just shows that your “Protection against ransomware is on”. It also displays the statistics obtained from the Global Kaspersky Security Network that is used to prevent the threats in real-time. It uses this global cloud network to protect your computers.

In the settings you can enable system tracing of various events, enable self defense, configure the proxy server settings, and configure the mail settings (for sending reports to the system administrator via e-mail). You can also manage various applications that have been blocked or classified as trusted. You can yourself add some applications to the blocked list or to the list of trusted applications.

Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware

Conclusion: Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware provides your computers with the essential protection against the ransomware and crypto-malware. It uses the global Kaspersky security network to provide you real-time protection against the latest ransomware threats.

You can download Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware from https://go.kaspersky.com/Anti-ransomware-tool.html.