How to Disable the New Youtube Interface for Desktop Web Browsers

Earlier this week, Google has made the new Youtube interface for the desktop web browsers available for some users and depending on their feedback this will be modified when it is finally launched all over the world for everyone. We have posted about how you can enable the new Dark Theme for Youtube in desktop web browsers and the same post also tells you about how you can start using the new interface for the Youtube.

This new interface is supposed to be much cleaner, easy to use and helps you enjoy the content created by your favorite Youtube users. But if want to switch back to the older classic interface, then it is also very easy. Here is how:

  1. Open in your desktop computer’s web browser.
  2. In the new interface click on the user picture near the top-right corner of your screen to pull out the account menu. From this account menu, select Restore Classic Youtube.Youtube New Interface
  3. You will be shown a simple feedback form where you can select the reason for leaving the new interface and going back to the older classic interface. This feedback can help the Youtube developers improve their new interface.
  4. As soon as you pick a reason in the feedback form and click on the Submit button, it will reload Youtube and bring back the classic Youtube interface.Youtube New Interface

There could be many reasons why you would want to go back to the classic interface, but if you are leaving because it is a little slow in the Firefox web browser, then you should try removing some extensions in Firefox or just switch to the Google Chrome web browser. In our experience, the new Youtube interface works smoother in the Google Chrome web browser as well as the Opera web browser for the desktop PC.


  1. this does not work – the form does not stay on screen long enough to select anything nor hit the submit button then you cannot get the fly out screen to stay on screen after that uless you reload the page, they you start again with the form not staying on screen long enough to select anything – guess the tube of u wants you NOT to turn off this crap – shame when it’s on I can’t want any videos as nothing plays!!

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