MajorGeeks Software Updater : A Reliable Way to Keep Programs Updated

There are only a few software download websites that I trust and one of them is MajorGeeks. The reason I trust them is because their team of experts analyzes all the software they enlist on their website. Not to mention that they scan everything with a number of anti-virus and anti-malware programs to make sure that no rogue software gets listed on the website. You can close your eyes and download any program or software from MajorGeeks and it is going to be safe.

And now they have come up with a software updater program of their own – MajorGeeks Software Updater. It is designed for Windows users and can scan your PC for outdated software and device drivers. It asks you if you want to check for the updates for the software installed on your PC. You can also click on the small Check System for Software Updates button to initiate the updates scan.

MajorGeeks Software Updater

Unlike some other software of the same kind, MajorGeeks Software Updater does not show the updates available in the program window. Instead, it launched a web browser and loads the MajorGeeks websites showing a list of the outdated software installed on your PC as well as the list of device drivers. For the outdated software and device drivers, you can click on the links to obtain the updated versions.

MajorGeeks Software Updater

MajorGeeks Software Updater also installs a system tray icon in the Windows. You can right-click on this icon to view all the options available – you can check for the software updates, you can make it automatically run with Windows, you can schedule for automatic software updates check and you can also launch the MajorGeeks website for checking about the latest news, software and other things.

MajorGeeks Software Updater

Conclusion: MajorGeeks Software Updater can display news about the latest software and also check your system for the outdated software or device drivers. It can be scheduled for checking for the software updates in Windows.

You can download MajorGeeks Software Updater from