Suspend Unused Tabs in Chrome to Free Up System Resources

When you have been browsing for many hours straight, your Chrome web browser usually gets dozens of tabs opened with a variety of sites. But as you continue to open more and more tabs, your web browser keeps consuming more and more of the system resources. And then comes a time when your PC cannot make anymore resources available for your web browser and this is when your browser either hangs or your PC becomes unresponsive. In general, your Chrome browser gives a poor performance if you open many many tabs in it.

One way to tackle this problem is to use a special Chrome extension called The Great Suspender. This extension suspends the tabs that are not in use which consequently frees up system resources to make your PC much more responsive.

The Great Suspender for Chrome

By default, The Great Suspender treats all the tabs alike – it purports to suspend them all if they stay unused for one hour. But you can force it to suspend any tab by clicking on its icon in the Chrome toolbar and then selecting Suspend this tab. You can also choose other things to do for any tab, for example, never suspend a tab or pause the suspension for a tab. Similarly, you can suspend and un-suspend multiple tabs at once.

In the settings for The Great Suspender, you can change the time duration after which an unused tab is suspended, add websites to a whitelist so that those sites are not suspended, add right-click context menu to suspend any tab, avoid suspending pinned tabs, avoid suspension of tabs containing half filled or unsaved forms, automatically remove suspension of tabs when they gain focus and more.

The Great Suspender for Chrome

Conclusion: The Great Suspender extension can free up system resources in Chrome web browser by suspending the unused tabs. It should be a must to have extension for computers having less than 4GB of system memory.

You can get The Great Suspender extension for Chrome from