Prevent Copying from PDF Documents with PDF Anti-Copy

When you have to make sure that the recipient of a certain document receives it in the exact same format as you edited in your computer, you have to send the document in the PDF format. These documents retain the same format including the fonts and text style on any platform you access them irrespective of the PDF viewing application. This is one of the reasons why PDF documents have become so popular. Actually some of the workplaces specifically demand a PDF document instead of any other file format. For example, many job hunting sites ask you to upload your résumé in the PDF document form.

Another feature that PDF documents have is the ability to prevent people from taking some actions on these documents – for example, you can set the security in a document to prevent people from printing it or copying text from it. But this can be done to documents that you have created yourself on text editors like Microsoft Word or Libre Writer. In case, you want to prevent the content from getting copied by someone from any PDF document then you can use the free PDF Anti-Copy program.

PDF Anti-Copy does not rely on the security features of the PDF documents. This means that it won’t lock the document using the usual password protection. Instead, it does something clever and changes the PDF document such that it can be viewed but its content cannot be copied or it cannot be converted to any editable document formats. If an attempt is made to convert the PDF document to other formats like Microsoft Word, then only blank pages are retrieved.

PDF Anti-Copy

Using PDF Anti-Copy is extremely easy. You have to open the PDF document by clicking on the “Open File” button in the toolbar. After a short analysis, the pages from the PDF document will be listed and you will be able to choose the Anti-Copy option for each of the pages separately. You can provide Anti-Copy protection for all the pages or selectively choose only the ones you think should be protected.

After choosing the output folder where the protected PDF file shall be placed, you can click on the Start Now button. It will take some time to extract and repack the content from the original PDF document into the new protected content. When the process is complete, it will open the target folder so you can test the PDF document.

Conclusion: PDF Anti-Copy can protect your PDF documents so that their content cannot be copied or they cannot be converted into editable document formats. It does not use the traditional approach of password protecting the PDF files.

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