Uniblue MaxiDisk Cleans & Optimizes Hard Drive

If the hard drive in your Windows PC is spinning a lot and taking too much time in reading or writing files, then it could be because of the hardware as well as software related issues. For example, an older power supply unit or battery might not be giving the desired output current, some of the components on the motherboard could have worn out through years of use, the hard drive itself could become erratic and many more. But before looking into the hardware related problems, you should check your hard drive’s file system for any signs of corruption and see if the hard drive needs any defragmenting. Usually these simple steps can make your hard drive fast and quick to respond like before.

In order to run these tasks on your hard drive, clean it off junk files and optimize it, you can use the Uniblue MaxiDisk software. As you launch MaxiDisk, it starts to scan and analyze your system for any possible problems. It displays the status for all the hard drives present in your PC and if they require any defragmenting. It also shows if you can gain space by removing the junk files from your computer.

Uniblue MaxiDisk

If you want to gain space, then you have to switch to the Gain Space tab and scan your hard drive and when it finds all the unnecessary junk files, you can proceed to remove them and free up the space on your hard drive. Similarly, if you want to make the disk access speed then you can proceed to the Disk Scan tab. It will tell you if your hard drive partitions need any defragmenting and if they do, then you can take care of it right away.

Conclusion: MaxiDisk can bring new life to your old hard drive by removing the junk files and defragmenting the partitions. In addition of cleaning and optimizing your hard drives manually, MaxiDisk can also be scheduled to run these tasks to automate these tasks.

You can download MaxiDisk from http://www.uniblue.com/product/pc/maxidisk/.