Remove Ransomware from Android with Ransomware Killer

The word “ransomware” has become known to almost everyone in the world after the way WannaCrypt infected millions of computers all over the world only in a few days. If you do not already know, a ransomware is essentially a malware but it is called ransomware because of the way it functions. It encrypts your data and cripples your Android devices unless you send the ransom money to the cyber-criminals. It covers the entire screen of your mobile phone and does not let you do anything without paying the ransom. Depending on the variant of the ransomware, they may or may not encrypt the files in your Android device. When they do encrypt the files, they claim to decrypt them only after receiving the ransom money.

But you should not make any payment to anyone to remove the ransomware. Instead, you can remove any  ransomware using the Ransomware Killer app from Cheetah Mobile. On the Google Play store screen for the Ransomware Killer app, it is mentioned that you do not install the app if your Android device is not infected. So install this app only if your device has become infected with ransomware.

Ransomware Killer

When you launch Ransomware Killer app and your device is infected, then it will show a red screen. After you press the “Home” button in your phone, it will launch the process to remove the ransomware from your Android. Once the ransomware has been removed, you will see a blue screen if you launch the Ransomware Killer app. This blue screen displays the message – “no ransomware found”.

Even after this, if the malware still sticks around, then your only solution is to re-flash the stock firmware. You can find stock ROM as well as the flashing instructions from the website of your device manufacturer, from XDA forums, or you can google for it. If you cannot find any instructions, then you have to contact the support centers for the device.

You can get the Ransomware Killer app for  Android from