View Detailed Android System Information with DevChecks System Info

Whenever I order a smartphone or any other electronics gadget, I research about it thoroughly over the internet. Many times other people have already bought the device and they upload review videos on Youtube and other times they just leave comments on Amazon or other online shopping sites. But even after than, when I use the smartphone for the very first time, I check all the hardware details using an app like DevChecks System Info. This app shows detailed system information for the Android devices.

DevChecks System Info gives you complete information about various things in your Android phone – battery, GPU, CPU, SoC, memory, storage space, camera, wireless network, mobile network, and obviously the operating system (Android) version installed. All this information is neatly arranged under various sections and is very easy to find.

On the Dashboard (the first screen) of the DevChecks System Info app, you can find  a summary of all the information which includes the CPU status (the status of various cores, the CPU temperature, SoC temperature, CPU loads etc.), battery, network, RAM, storage, and the model of the smartphone. You can tap on any of these to get to the respective Android settings section. For example, if you tap on battery status, it will open the Android’s battery settings screen.

DevChecks System Info

Other than the Dashboard, you can also find much detailed information about various sections of the phone. These sections include hardware, system, battery, network, memory and camera. Apart from these, you can also add floating monitors to show you the status of CPU, memory and storage use. These floating monitors can also be docked to the status bar of Android.

Conclusion: DevChecks System Info app is a very informative app that displays all and complete information about your Android smartphone. This information can also be exported to a text file and later can be printed using a wireless printer.

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