Search for Upcoming Local Events on Google

This is a matter of common knowledge that Google is a search engine that allows you to search everything under the Sun. And they keep inventing and adding new algorithms and features to the most used search engine in the world. Now they have added a feature through which you can search for the upcoming events in your area or any area as a matter of fact.

This new feature is currently available only for the US region but hopefully one day it will be made available to everyone across the globe. There is one more constraint as of now – this feature is limited to the smartphones, that is, you can use it only in the mobile web browsers and the Google app for Android. In the future, these constraints might be removed and everybody should be able to look for the events in their area even if they are using the ages old bulky desktop computer.

Using this new feature is a no brainer. You can search for any particular type of event in a specific location. For example, if you want to know about the upcoming Lady Gaga concerts in the New York state, then you can just search for “lady gaga concerts in new york”. This should be enough for Google and they will fetch details about the Lady Gaga concerts. You can also search for “events nearby me” to find all the things that are happening around your area.

Search Google for Upcoming Events

Tapping on any of the events displayed in the list of the events, you can find more details about that specific event along with a host of websites that are selling tickets to that event online. This is really useful because sometime your favorite online tickets website does not have the tickets to a particular event and you just keep waiting and waiting. But now you can quickly find many such sites and grab a seat faster than others.

Google is partnering with many other websites linked to the event management, online ticket sales or other event related businesses, for example, Ticketmaster, Livenation, Bookmyshow, Yext and many more. In the future, as you can guess, they will expand more and you will have easy access to many more events.