Shadow Defender : Use Virtualization to Defend Against Malware

Generally security researchers use a separate isolated computer for analyzing the new malware. But sometimes they also use virtual environments like VirtualBox to see how the malware acts under different versions of Windows. It is another issue that some of the malware are coded to stay inert when run under virtual environments. This very same technique of virtualization is being used by Shadow Defender, a security product that promises to erase all the changes made to your Windows PC at reboot.

Shadow Defender is a software that runs your PC in a virtual environment called “Shadow Mode” which protects any unwanted changes made to the real environment of your computer. Of course, it can be configured to allow some folders for which the changes can be made. This way even if a malware attacks and modifies your files, you can just reboot your PC for all the malicious activities, the infections and the resulting changes to disappear.

Shadow Defender

Shadow Defender is also a great way to keep your internet activities private. You can do whatever you want in your web browser, engage in social networks, play online games and as soon as you reboot, all of your internet history, web browser cache, cookies and other fingerprints will be gone. It will be as if you never visited those websites.

Even though Shadow Defender prevents any changes to be made to the real file system and keeps the changes temporarily in the “Shadow Mode” virtual environment, it allows you to manually make the changes if necessary. For example, if you have downloaded some files from the internet and want to save them permanently on your hard drive, then you can use the “Commit Now” function to save them to the real environment.

Conclusion: Shadow Defender can run your PC in a virtual environment to provide protection from malicious software. But many different malware families have been known to detect the virtual environment and behave differently. It is advised that you use a regular antivirus software for malware protection and use Shadow Defender as an extra layer of defense from malicious activities.

You can download Shadow Defender from