Simple IP Config : Quickly Change Network Settings in Windows

When you want to connect to a network through the TCP/IP, then you have to configure the network connection settings which include the IP address and the DNS address at the very basic level. For example, if you want to connect to the WiFi router in your home, you have not only to supply the WiFi security (WPA/WPA2) password, but you also have to specify the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and the DNS settings. Without properly specifying these settings, you won’t be able to get the quickest response from the network or even be able to establish a TCP/IP connection.

You can make changes to these network settings in Windows yourself for each of the adapters, or you can use the Simple IP Config to make these changes automatically yourself. In this small open-source utility, you have to select one of the adapters from the drop-down list on the left side and it will display all the network settings in the right side including the IP address and the DNS IP addresses. You can also view the DHCP state for the network you are connecting to.

Simple IP Config

You can save these settings to a profile and they are saved to a file named profile.ini. You can also modify these settings for any of the network adapters and save them to the profile file as well as apply them. With so many different profiles saved, you can later pick any profile and apply its settings instantly. This is very helpful if you have to connect to different networks or routers through the same network adapter and you want to modify the network settings again and again. With the help of Simple IP Config, the task of changing network settings in Windows becomes extremely easy.

You can download Simple IP Config from