Bitdefender Home Scanner : Secure Your Home WiFi Network

Now-a-days the WiFi routers are dirt cheap (if you don’t believe me, just go and check Amazon) and can instantly turn any type of internet connection into a wireless one. This is why every home has at least one WiFi network of their own. These WiFi networks are  often connected to a wide variety of devices from desktop computers, notebooks, tablets and smartphones to smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smart lamps and other Internet of Things devices. Connecting to a myriad of devices makes it easy for a potential hacker to break into your network through just one of the vulnerable devices. There have been reports that some hackers used smart LED lamps to break into the WiFi networks of some people’s home. This is why Bitdefender has created a very special software for home users – Bitdefender Home Scanner.

Bitdefender Home Scanner

Bitdefender Home Scanner checks all the devices connected to your WiFi network for security problems and vulnerabilities. It maps your network continuously so that whenever a new device is connected to your network, it is also scanned. All the devices as well as the WiFi router are also scanned for weak passwords, backdoors, insecure authentication methods, weak or outdated encryption used for the network etc.

It installs an icon in the system tray of Windows desktop. You can right-click on this icon to manually run a scan of your WiFi network. As all of the devices are scanned, it will display the results of the scan against the devices. If no problems are detected, then “No Risk Found” is displayed against the devices. If the device has any of the aforementioned problems, it will read as “Potentially at risk” and will guide you to check and fix all the risks.

Bitdefender Home Scanner

But you should note that it is not an antivirus product and cannot defend your network from malware infection. For protection against malware, Bitdefender offers many other products and some of them are free. The Bitdefender Home Scanner can only scan your network for vulnerabilities and other common configuration problems that can make your network insecure.

Conclusion: Bitdefender Home Scanner is an essential software for all the modern homes that have one or more WiFi networks and dozens of devices connected to them. It can be installed on just one Windows PC and it will tell you about the vulnerabilities, backdoors and other risks in the whole WiFi network.

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