Batch Rotate and Mirror Videos Using Video Rotator

If you stop anywhere in a big city and look around, you will find that everyone is now carrying around a smartphone with a powerful camera. And some of them are also carrying the selfie sticks with them. Chinese companies like Xiaomi have made the high quality digital camera devices very very affordable even if you don’t have the budget for expensive Apple iPhone or Sony GoPro. And this is the reason why there are millions of videos being uploaded to Youtube every single day. But when you make the video using the smartphones, sometimes you hold the smartphone the wrong way and the video looks flipped upside down.

In order to fix the rotation of these videos, you can make use of the Video Rotator software. It is a small and handy tool for convenient rotation of the videos. Using this software you can rotate videos 90 degrees clockwise, 90 degrees anti-clockwise, mirror the video vertically, mirror the video horizontally, rotate the video 180 degrees and more. But apart from rotation, you can also use this software for change the file format of the videos. For example, you can convert videos to MP4, WMV, MOV, MPEG and many other formats.

Video Rotator

After adding videos that you want to rotate or mirror in Video Rotator, you have to specify the rotate mode, output folder, output format, and the video quality (bitrate). If you choose “None” in the rotate mode, then you will be using Video Rotator like a video converter – it won’t rotate the videos, it will only convert the video file formats. Clicking on the Rotate Videos Now will begin the process of rotating, mirroring and converting the videos one-by-one.

Video Rotator

Conclusion: Video Rotator is a small and handy tool for quickly rotating or mirroring a number of videos simultaneously. It can also be used as a video converter if you do not choose to rotate the videos.

You can download Video Rotator from